Ball Hockey Report 2 February 2018

Written by Dave Gutteridge

It was a smaller turnout than usual, with some of the TSHA leadership out of the country, and various other people having other scheduling commitments. Which meant we only just had enough for two teams with no subs, which, personally, I like because it means more game time. At the same time, you could see the effects in that all night long, the game oscillated between high velocity play and periods of slow down when everyone collectively caught their breath.

Among the non-attendees were our usual goalies, but fortunately Steve had brought his equipment and took to the crease, so we had one side properly manned and the other end had the shooter tutor. It definitely improved the night to have at least one goalie. Any number of goalies above zero is good, and Steve proved capable of a few spectacular saves, even if his own assessment of his performance wasn't as high as everyone else's.

The night started out a little lopsided for the first few minutes, as team Black, with a strong Chris and Chad combination, kept the ball in White's zone for so long it seemed like Steve might have nothing to do. But White eventually found its groove, forcing an even match that ended with Black winning 5-4. I don't remember the remaining scores, but the night remained pretty even all the way.

Aiko was the story of the night, subbing in with the guys and holding her own. She seemed to find the 5 hole on Steve a few times, and took Chad down in a spectacular crash.

Despite no subs, there was little break between games, because it was cold enough that if you were still for too long, your sweat would turn on you. We only lost one ball to breakage, though.

All in all, it was a great night of hockey. Possibly the greatest night ever played.

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