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Latest TSHA Street Hockey Report

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Street Hockey Report for Thursday 30th October 2014

1. NO GAME THIS FRIDAY (October 31)

Several people have mailed to check if there is a game this Friday, October 31st. There is not. Enjoy you Halloween (see point 4 for a recommended event).

- - - - - - - - - -

2. Game On for Friday, Nov. 7, 8-10pm at Musashi-Urawa.

- Address: Saitama-ken, Toda-shi, Bijyogi 1-chome-8 (埼玉県戸田市美女木1丁目8)

- Map:

- Getting there: Meet at Musashi-Urawa station, West Exit at 7:30-7:40 and split taxis. You can walk from Musashi-Urawa or Kita-Toda station. Some buses go near the rink.

- Games: Aim for 4 games (3 games of 2x10min periods, 1 game of 3x8min periods).

- Jerseys: Please bring both a white and a dark shirt to play in.

- Cost: Should be about 2500-3000yen per player. Goalies and gals are 500yen.

- - - - - - - - - -

3. Schedule for the rest of 2014.

We will play on the following days in the next three+ months:

- Friday, 11/7, 8-10pm, Musashi-Urawa

- Friday, 11/21, 8-10pm, Musashi-Urawa

- Friday, 12/5, 8-10pm, Musashi-Urawa

- Friday, 12/19, 8-10pm, Musashi-Urawa

- - - - - - - - - -

4. Dave's Authentic Halloween Party on October 31

Dave Gutteridge (aka Comedian Dave) will be hosting his second annual Authentic Halloween Party. I have heard nothing but great things about it. If you are interested in going, I have created a short summary below. Following that is a much more detailed and interesting explanation created by Dave. You can find that info on facebook as well (

Chad's summary:

Date: Friday, October 31

Time: 19:00 (doors open), 20:00 (official start), 25:00 (official end)

Where: Our Space (2-1-1 Hatagaya, Shibuya, Tokyo, Shibuya, Tokyo 151-0072)

Closest Station: Hatagaya (Keio New Line, 2 stops from Shinjuku Station)

Cost: Free entrance, drinks as low as 300yen, snacks available for a small cost at the bar as well

Other: You MUST wear a costume (see below)


Dave's Explanation:

The best Halloween party in Tokyo returns for a second year!

What's an "authentic" Halloween? It's about hanging out with actual people in costumes that have a little personality to them, and not just being crammed into an over priced club with scenesters who you're never going to interact with for longer than takes to pose for their Instagram selfie that they use to lie to themselves and everyone else that they're having the bestest night ever. Fuck that. Halloween should be about rejecting the mainstream, not embracing it.

If you can relate to the above, then this is the party you should go to this year.

Drinking, identity obscuring costumes, references to occult practices obfuscated by history and reduced to cartoon images on candy wrappers, obligatory spider web decorations, more drinking, old black and white scary movies in the background that were never really scary, jack-o-lanterns, things that luminesce ominously in the dark, and potentially poor life choices (see: drinking).

... Oh, and did I mention the druidic human sacrifice at midnight...?

Authentic Hall'o'ween!

Costumes are mandatory, because that's the whole point, and ideally reflect something about yourself. This is an opportunity to have fun showing a different side of yourself at best, and at the very least put on something that is an instant and awesome conversation starter. Costume parties are the best parties. Also: prizes for cool costumes, possibly in different categories.

Hey, if you're nervous about making a costume, don't panic. You don't have to make anything super complicated. You are one bandana and a paper eye-patch from being a pirate right now. Borrow a cowboy hat and buy a 300 yen water pistol, and you are an instant cowboy. If you really want to be a nurse and there's a nurse costume that you like at Don Quixote for cheap, then go ahead. It'd be awesome if you tried to put together a costume that said something about you, but so long as you make the effort to join in the fun of dressing up, you'll be welcome!

Attempts to do ironic non-costumes ("English teacher", "guy who forgot a costume", etc...) will be exposed for the lame attempt to get away with not being in costume that they are. Don't be that person who makes shit awkward, because the no-admission without a costume thing is for real.

- - -

Details, details:

(Please check the facebook page again before heading down to the venue in case any of these details change.)

Admission is FREE, but please buy your drinks at the venue. The drinks are super cheap, like 300 yen, so in terms of expense you're going to be doing way better here than any other party option on the night anyway. Some snacks, also cheap, are also available at the bar.

No admission without a costume. No, seriously. If you really can't deal with the costume thing, this isn't the party for you.

Prizes for best costumes, possibly in different categories. Prizes to be determined. (And this year I won't forget to actually bring the prize so that it can actually be awarded on the night.)

There will also be a few bowls of Halloween themed candy strewn about. It'd be awesome if you helped out by bringing some candies, cookies, or whatever else to contribute. Not at all a requirement. Just cool if you did.


19:00 (7PM) : Doors open. If you want to change into a costume at the venue, this is the time to do it. Party preparations, such as decorations, may still be happening around this time.

There may be some pumpkin carving. To be determined.

20:00 (8PM) : Official party start time.

22:30 (10:30) : Best costume winners announced, prizes given out.

25:00 (1 AM) : Official party end time. However, actual end time will depend on whether or not people are still hanging out. Some people have been discussing the possibility of crashing at the venue overnight and doing a breakfast next morning. This depends on the approval of the venue owners and the organization of those who want to do it. If anything gets planned for certain, information will be posted here as it becomes available.

The venue is two local stops from Shinjuku on the New Keio Line. Last train from Hatagaya station to Shinjuku is approximately 12:45 (please confirm your own train schedule).

The venue is no-smoking inside.


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