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Street Hockey Report for Monday 1st September 2014

Happy September!

Sorry for the lack of communication over the last month and a bit...I didn't have much to say on the hockey front, so I thought I would leave you alone.

Now, I have a few things to say:

1. GAME ON - Friday, Sept 5, 8-10pm at Musashi-Urawa.

- Address: Saitama-ken, Toda-shi, Bijyogi 1-chome-8 (埼玉県戸田市美女木1丁目8)

- Map:

- Getting there: Meet at Musashi-Urawa station, West Exit at 7:30-7:40 and split taxis. You can walk from Musashi-Urawa or Kita-Toda station. Some buses go near the rink.

- Games: Aim for 4 games (3 games of 2x10min periods, 1 game of 3x8min periods).

- Jerseys: Please bring both a white and a dark shirt to play in.

- Cost: Should be about 2500-3000yen per player. Goalies and gals are 500yen.

2. Sign up for the Yamato Cup tournament on Saturday, October 4, 9am-???

Our annual tournament is moving forward and will be held on Saturday, October 4th at the Musashi-Urawa rink. What I from you is to sign-up to play before draft day (see point 3 below). More details to come.

3. Yamato Cup draft (over drinks) and TSHA Anniversary party. When?

September marks the 19th anniversary of the TSHA, and we want to celebrate it by drinking and drafting for the Yamato Cup. So, could you please rank the following days in order from 1 (most preferred) to 4 (least preferred) by this Saturday (Sept 6)?

- Friday 9/20, 8-10pm

- Saturday 9/21, 7-9pm

- Friday 9/27, 8-10pm

- Saturday 9/28, 7-9pm

The venue is undecided, but will be central. Also, if you can't join the drinks, you are still - - welcome to join the Yamato Cup or vice-versa.


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